StereoLithography (SLA)

Produce Complex Geometries with Excellent Accuracy and Great Surface Finish.

High-Resolution Prototypes and End-Use Parts

StereoLithography (SLA) is the first choice for producing complex geometries with excellent accuracy and the best surface finish. InterPRO offers SLA ultra-high resolution and ultra-large SLA-printed parts with a choice of materials to meet your project needs.

StereoLithography works by focusing a UV laser onto a vat of photo-curable resin. As the laser draws a shape on the surface of the photopolymer, the resin solidifies and forms a single layer of the desired 3D object. The process repeats for each layer of the design until the 3D object is completed.

InterPRO’s SLA technology produces incredibly small and extremely large prototypes with incredible accuracy, utilizing a variable-diameter laser beam that refocuses every millisecond to define high-precision features. InterPRO offers many StereoLithography materials to choose from, including glass clear, high-impact strength, high heat-resistant and Class VI medical grade.

“The part is something to behold.

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“SLA is an ideal choice...

where the prototype needs high resolution of fine details.”

“A rapid prototype part allows me to design and produce tooling and fixturing...

without worrying about the limiting factors of conventional machining (i.e., 5-axis machining, line of sight, deep-drilled holes, etc).”

InterPRO StereoLithography Benefits & Applications

StereoLithography is the best 3D printing technology for producing highly clear parts, such as lenses and bottles. The strength and detail of SLA models make them the most popular choice for design verification, checking fit, highly detailed appearance models, and electronic housings, as well as patterns for RTV molding and casting. Very fast delivery is standard.

  • Very fast delivery available
  • Extremely accurate, high-resolution features
  • Properties that mimic thermoplastic
  • Excellent, smooth surface finish
  • Ideal for secondary operations including nickel/chrome plating, EMI shielding, adding inserts, custom-painted textures and graphics
  • Excellent clarity, great for flow testing and internal visualization
  • Extremely popular for fit testing and functional testing
  • Uniquely rigid materials available for wind tunnel testing and fixtures
  • Widely used for metal investment casting patterns
  • Thermoforming molds
  • Fixtures for assembly

StereoLithography Gallery (click to enlarge)

High-Res Accuracy, Sharp Details, and a Great Finish.

What more could you ask for?

SLA E-book

Design StereoLithography parts with the manufacturing process in mind

Save time and money by taking into consideration important SLA aspects that reduce back-and-forth, improve part , reduce cost, and get parts on your desk faster!

StereoLithography Materials

SLA Material

Somos 11122XC

(ABS-like, with excellent clarity and water resistance)

Recommended for highly clear parts, snap-fit assemblies, and enclosures.

SLA Material

Somos PerFORM

(Ceramic composite blend, very rigid and extremely high heat resistance)

Recommended for high-temperature and high-pressure testing, electronic and automotive enclosures and wind tunnel applications.

SLA Material

Somos EvoLVe 128

(High strength and highly durable; looks and feels similar to injection-molded plastic)

Recommended for functional testing, highly detailed parts and snap-fit features.

Somos Taurus Exhaust

Somos Taurus

(Superior strength and durability; performs, looks and feels similar to thermoplastic)

Recommended for demanding functional prototyping and end-use applications.

WaterShed Black Material

Somos WaterShed Black

(ABS-like, water-resistant, and almost pure black in color)

Recommended for prototyping, visualization models, and light-blocking applications.

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Local: 860-526-5869