CNC Machining

Convert Your CAD Drawing to 3D-Machined Metal or Plastic Parts.

Four-axis CNC machining of metal and plastic prototypes and tooling programmed directly from your CAD file.

CNC machining is a subtractive fabrication method, whereby unwanted material gets milled (cut and removed) away from a block of metal or plastic. CNC machining is excellent for making jigs, fixtures, tools, molds, and prototypes.

InterPRO offers high-precision CNC machining with engineering-grade plastic materials (including ABS, polycarbonate, Nylon, and PEEK) and metal materials (including stainless steel, aluminum, and copper).

CNC machining is usually a slower prototyping process than 3D-printing parts. However, it is an extremely accurate process and is, therefore, ideal for low- and high-volume production of end-use production-grade metal and plastic components.

“I want to say thanks to your entire team for the fast turnaround and very high quality parts.

I have used many different service providers over many years. InterPRO’s service has been exceptional.”

“We were working with a parts provider that twice shipped our parts late without telling us.

Another engineer here knew of InterPRO and she recommended you. Thank you for doing a great job on those challenging assemblies. We’ll be in touch again!”

CNC Machining Benefits & Applications

  • Extremely high-precision custom parts
  • Wide range of plastic and metal material options
  • Excellent for end-use parts, molds, fixtures, and inserts
  • Quantities from one to thousands
  • Parts can be textured, powder coated, anodized, chromed
  • Very tight tolerances (typically +/- 0.0005″)

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From Your CAD Drawing to Delivery of Finished Parts.

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