Custom Silicone Parts

Get Functional Prototypes and End-use Parts without the Need for Costly Metal Tooling.

Molded production-quality custom silicone parts that are a superior alternative to 3D-printed “rubber-like” parts.

The limited performance characteristics of 3D-printed elastomers can offer serious challenges. It’s common for 3D-printed elastomer prototypes to tear or break, sometimes very quickly, during mechanical testing. This is especially true with 3D-printed parts that have thin features or with very flexible printed parts.

As a better option, InterPRO offers durable molded silicone prototypes and production parts in a wide range of durometers and custom colors. InterPRO’s proprietary Rapid Silicone low-volume molding process creates highly stress-resistant prototypes and end-use parts with custom-blended colors. Standard material durometers range from Shore A 15 to Shore A 60, with custom formulations available.

For many projects, InterPRO’s Rapid Silicone molding process helps engineers to entirely eliminate the need for metal liquid silicone rubber (LSR) molds.

First parts can often be shipped in as little as two days after order receipt. InterPRO can complete delivery of many low- to medium-quantity jobs in under two weeks.

“The appearance is perfect and the parts work great too!

Direct quote from our VP of Engineering, ‘This is the best-looking thing I’ve ever seen!’ ”

“This service opens a whole world of opportunity...

… for established businesses, as well as for start-ups, and even hobbyist/DIY interests”

“InterPRO is the type of company/team with which I enjoy working.

I look forward to doing business with you again.”

“Thanks guys.

The parts look great!”

InterPRO Custom Silicone Parts Benefits & Applications

  • Low-volume production
  • Product development
  • Sales and marketing samples
  • Industrial design models
  • Engineering proof of design
  • Engineering check models design (design verification)
  • Product photo models

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