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Custom Parts that are Anything but Customary

Since the 1980s, manufacturing has undergone a revolution. 3D printing has gone from its early days of being used exclusively for rapid prototyping, to a full-fledged manufacturing solution that eliminates the needs for expensive tooling, materials waste, and guesswork.

These breakthrough technologies continue to challenge engineers and manufacturers to rethink how they design and produce parts. New opportunities are becoming increasingly available for prototyping, limited- and long-run parts production, and inventory management. These trends continue to impact the very essence of manufacturing as we know it today.

The InterPRO Additive Manufacturing Group embraced this exciting revolution nearly three decades ago and now offers numerous custom parts manufacturing methods to multiple industries looking to be more efficient, flexible, and competitive.

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3D Printing

Origin P3
3D Printing

Custom, on-demand production of injection-mold-quality parts… from one to tens of thousands.

Multi Jet Fusion Printed Part

Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printing

Rugged, high-quality production strength parts that are ideal for low-volume production.


StereoLithography (SLA)

For producing complex geometries with excellent accuracy and great surface finish.

Polyjet 3D-Printed Samples

Polyjet 3D Printing

Multi-material, highly complex models and prototypes with outstanding surface features and fine detail.

SLS Part

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Offering fully functional prototypes with strong mechanical properties and good thermal resistance.

FDM Part

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

Production-grade thermoplastic tools and low-volume parts with very high accuracy

Metal 3D-Printed Part

Direct Metal Laser Sintering

Produce end-use metal parts that would be impossible to create with machining or casting.

Urethane-Casted Parts

RTV Molding & Urethane Casting

Manufacture low- to medium-volume plastic parts with production-level quality.

Custom Silicone Parts

Custom Silicone Parts

A unique rapid silicone process to create molded production-quality parts that are superior to 3D-printed “rubber-like” parts.


Custom Finishing

Turn your product idea into a beautifully finished “show” model with the look and feel of a production piece.

CNC Machined Medallion

CNC Machining

Four-axis CNC machining of metal and plastic prototypes and tooling programmed directly from your CAD file.

CAD Drawing

CAD Support

The InterPRO team can augment your team with professional design services if you do not have 3D CAD capabilities in-house.

The Next-Gen is the Now-Gen

With the InterPRO team & 3D technology in your corner, you’ll be limited only by your imagination.

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630 Industrial Park Road
Deep River, CT 06417

E-mail InterPRO Additive

Toll Free: 888-392-0957
Local: 860-526-5869